Our Synod Assembly will be held on Saturday, May 15, 2021 - ONLINE!

  • 8:00am Check in w/ designated staggered check in times based on last names:
  • 8:00am - A-G | 8:15am - H-P | 8:30am - R-Z
  • 9:00am - 4:00pm Synod Assembly Meeting
  • Registered Voting Members & Observers will receive a Zoom link by May 12
  • Please have your name appear in this format:
  • First Name, Last Name, (preferred pronouns), Congregation/City 
  • Ex.: Patti Gonzales (she/her/hers), First/Bellingham
  • OR if you are from a church named after your city: Jo Chu, (they/them/theirs), Bellingham Lutheran
  • Have questions about registration?  Please reach out to our registrar
  • Visitors may join the assembly via Livestream on our Facebook Page!

Getting Ready!

  • Watch the Orientation Video HERE
  • Read the Helpful Info Page HERE
  • Budget Orientation Slides HERE
  • Each Friday Voting members will receive an email with updates and info to prepare 
  • REMINDER: in order to vote, each voting member will need to log in with their OWN device (computer or tablet) for the assembly
  • Read the April 5th Welcome Letter HERE
  • Read the Friday, April 9 Voting Member Email HERE
  • Read the Friday, April 16 Voting Member Email HERE
  • Read the Friday, April 23 Voting Member Email HERE
  • Read the Friday, April 30 Voting Member Email HERE 
  • Read the Monday, May 3 Orientation Reminder Email HERE
  • Later emails will not be posted here as they contain the Assembly Zoom link - if you did NOT receive the May 7 email, please email Susan Berg in the synod office HERE.

Proposed Agenda

  • Find the Proposed Agenda HERE

These Rules help us do our business:

  • Proposed Standing Rules for our assembly HERE
  • Synopsis of Robert's Rules HERE

Constitutional Changes

The Synod Council is bringing forward constitutional and bylaw changes for consideration. Additionally, we will be considering recommended amendments forwarded from the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. (Per the constitution, the required changes from the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly have already been incorporated into the constitution.)
  • Proposed Changes from Synod Council HERE
  • Recommended Changes from the 2019 Churchwide Assembly HERE
  • Current Synod Constitution HERE (includes the required changes from the 2019 Churchwide Assembly)


  • We will be voting on a a budget spending plan and budget cap.
  • Find the proposed budget HERE.


Thank you to those who have allowed their names to go forward as nominees for synod council, consultation committee, committee on discipline, and voting members to the 2022 Churchwide Assembly!
  • Learn about the various roles and see the list of those who have been nominated HERE.


  • No resolutions were submitted by the March 31st deadline.
  • "Resolutions received after this date shall not be considered by the Synod Assembly unless the Synod Council or the Reference and Counsel Committee determines that it is either of overriding importance or germane to the issues of the Synod Assembly agenda." Late/resolutions from the floor are to be submitted by email only using this format and email address.

Officer Reports

  • Synod Bishop - HERE
  • Synod Vice President - HERE
  • Synod Secretary - HERE
  • Synod Treasurer - HERE; Attachment A & B HERE
  • ELCA Presiding Bishop Letter to the Assembly- HERE

Offering Designees

This year the offerings gathered at the assembly will be split between the NW Washington Synod COVID-19 Relief Fund and Lutheran Disaster Response. Watch a video about our assembly offering designees featuring Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee HERE

  • Our Synod's COVID-19 Relief Fund was established in early 2020 to provide financial relief for congregations and ministries. This fund has continued to grow through individual and congregation donations as well as grants provided by the ELCA for COVID-19 Relief. This fund is set up to cover shortages for salary and benefits for rostered leaders and ministry staff positions AND to upgrade equipment for online worship/meetings and personal protective equipment such as touchless hand sanitizers and other supplies. Changes to HVAC systems in order to comply with in person worship will also be eligible.  
  • Lutheran Disaster Response brings God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world. When the dust settles and the headlines change, we stay to provide ongoing assistance to those in need. We recognize that every disaster is local. Because of this, we believe every response needs to be rooted in the community; we work to accompany that community from immediate relief through long-term recovery. In our international work we partner closely with companion churches and other Lutheran and ecumenical relief agencies to make sure local needs are being addressed and met. In the United States, we work through our extensive affiliate network and other partners to address these same concerns.  
  • Congregations and voting members are invited to support these two important ministries. Thank you for your generosity in supporting these two designees. You may give now or during the assembly ... via a check or online. Learn how to give here: lutheransnw.org/give

Welcome our Churchwide Representative the Rev. Christopher Otten!

  • We look forward to hearing the report from our churchwide partners
  • Read Chaplain Otten's bio HERE

Ministry Partners

While we will not be having a display area - we are looking forward to the ways our ministry partners will be participating in the assembly: lunchtime breakout rooms, video messages, a few fun door prizes, and reports.
  • lunch breakout room options HERE
  • reports available now HERE
  • videos will be uploaded after assembly

Assembly Planning Team

  • Many thanks to this creative, adaptive & nimble crew!
  • Find the list of team members HERE

Find minutes from previous assemblies HERE